Simon Feret - Marry Me Tomorrow chords

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Written by: Simon Feret

By Simon Feret

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6/8 time
Standard Tuning eadgbe

G = 320003
C = X32010
D = X54030

Verse 1:	
G     C      D     G              C     D              G   C D   G  C D  (repeat progression)    
She calls me up when she's feeling gay
Tries to make me come down like she does every day
When I get to her door she says, "No one's at home"
Says, "I don't want you here but don't leave me alone"
She says, "I hate you, I love you, I'm sick
I'm queer, you're here, let's frolic
C         D         G  C D   G   C D
Marry me tomorrow"

Verse 2:
She comes up to my door and she's got nothing on
She stares blankly at me, I stare blankly at her
She eats nothing but fruit, I eat nothing but her
So I pull up her panties and she starts to shiver
And says, "It's cold out, I'm naked, don't touch me
I hate you, I love you, please hold me
Marry me tomorrow"

Verse 3:
She plays sports in the winter and I hate the snow
Tried to take her away but she wouldn't go
She says, "Everything's here I need, don't go away
'Cause if you leave me I'll have nothing"
She says, "Don't leave me, stay with me, hello
Goodbye, just die, but don't go
Marry me tomorrow"

Verse 4:
She pisses me off when I'm already pissed
And she kisses me when I don't wanna be kissed
But the sides of her cheeks taste like strawberry bliss
And her tongue makes me dream of longing to be her lisp
She says nothing
She just kisses me and says,
"Marry me tomorrow"
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