Simon Feret - Down In Glace Bay chords

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Written by Simon Feret & Willie Nelson
Standard Tuning


D                                                    G
There’s a boat race in the city, but there’s a slow boat on my mind
G                      D           E7                  A7
Everybody’s going like crazy.  I’m taking my own sweet time.
       D                                      G
Take a drive down South St., no traffic in my way
     G                        D        B7
It’s here I can find a little peace of mind
E7      A7    D
Down in Glace Bay

      G                 D            G                 D
There ain’t gonna be no hurry, there ain’t gonna be no rush
G                   D               E7                A7
Don’t need a lot of money.  I don’t need to have that much.
       D                                                 G
Take a walk on the dock, watch the boats come in for the day
      G                     D         B7
Yeah, I got it all, I stand proud and tall
E7      A7    D
Down in Glace Bay


          D                                                  G
While the big crowd down in Sydney is getting drunk on fancy wine
G                         D             E7              A7
I’m getting high watching seagulls fly, having myself a time
       D                                                    G
Wet my whistle every now and then with the moonshine that I made
          G                   D         B7
Watch the sun go down and the world go ‘round
E7      A7    D
Down in Glace Bay


Tabbed by bluesman09
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