Simon Joyner - Fearful Man chords

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C		   G
The magazine needs flippin’ through
F			C
The calendar needs tearing too
F		     G			   C
The dry veins in the brown leaves start to cry

C           	   G
And you’ve got old man’s hands to weigh
F		  C
Anniversaries to celebrate
F              G                  C     G		
Purple lips to part in a heart to ransack

C              G
Every step you take is writ
F               C
Down in a great book you envision
F                    G                             C
Somewhere off in the clouds where they know you’re pure


C		G
A sick shadow is hanging low
F			      C
She holds your secret just to let it go
F	                   G                   C
And you’ve never stabbed a villain in the back before


You’re a fearful man
Your hands shake
F                             C
And your eyes dance along the landscape
F			G	C    G
Looking for the next best place to run
       C               G
Into a ditch or a dead end
F			  C
Through the alley or out on Main 
F	       G           C
To the epicenter or to the sun

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