Simone - Synthetic Sugar chords

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{title: Synthetic Sugar}
{subtitle: Simone}
{subtitle: © Mama Spiritual Publishing 2009}
{subtitle: Words & Music: Bryan Kezer & Simone Star}

# Typed in by Bryan Kezer (
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[Bb]I heard you [Am]laugh at what I [Dm]said last night.
[Bb]You turned and [Am]cried when they [Dm]said it ainít right.
[Bb]You like to [Am]praise me when itís [Dm]going your way
But you [G7]roll out blame when sunny weather turns grey.

Iíve seen them light the fire that burns in your eyes.
But still Iím overlooking your infamous lies.
Iíd call you out but whatíd be in it for me?
Que Sara Sara itís just a fantasy.

[F]Donít, [Am]give me none of [F]your [Am]synthetic su[Bb]gar
Iím [C# dim(add7)]good without it!

Youíre not perfect but Iíd still hold you high.
But youíre the one whoíd let me fall from the sky.
Youíll say youíll catch me but thereís no guarantee.
If I fell on my face you would grant me grace.

You always disappear when Iím feeling down
You know I know just what you do when Iím not around
My fortune cookie says youíll come back again
When itís something you want youíll be my good time friend

{comment: Chorus}

{comment: Solo}

[F] - - - - |- - - - |[D] - - - - |- - - - |[F] - - - - |- - - - |[D] - - - - |- - - - |
[Bb] - - - - |[G7]- - - - |[Bb] - - - - |[G7]- - - - |[Bb] - - - - |[C# dim]- - - -|

{comment: Chorus x3}
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