Simple Plan - Try chords

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Chords by AdamD

Capo 1st fret

       E             B         A
I've never been the best at honesty,
           E                 B            A
I've made more mistakes than I can even count,
                     E      B         A
But things are gonna be so different now,
                  C#m      B    A
You make me wanna turn it all around.

I think of all the games that I have played,
The unsuspecting people that I've heard,
Deep inside I know I don't deserve,
Another chance to finally make it work.

          E        B
But I'll try, to never disappoint you,
     C#m    A     
I'll try, until I get it right,
       E                       B     
I've always been so reckless, all of my life,
          C#m B A
But I'll try,
For you.

I've been the best at letting people down,
I've never been the kind of person you can trust,
But if you can give me half a chance I'll show,
How much I can fix myself for you.


 B                          A
This time I wont make up excuses (Cause I don't wanna lose you),
  B                            A
Don't give up on me and I'll prove that,
I can do this!

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