Sing It Loud - Over You tab

this is my first ever tab.  i wanted to do this because there wasnt a tab already out 
this song and its one of my favorites.  hopefully i did alright, i know the chords arent 
that of the song but i could tell its in the key of E and thsoe chords just work.

     [       E       ] [      B      ] [            A              ]

                   repeat for intro and verses

Waiting patiently I'm falling gracefully to my knees
And as I look back up at you nothing's coming through
Almost every time I tried to figure out why I've hit the ground
My mind keeps telling me something's got to change

           E                     A
Now I'm begging please, can you help me breathe?

E   B       A
I can't get myself over you
            E    B     A
You've got all that I need
(This isn't what you wanted)
E   B                 A
Yesterday is something we will never get
          E             B
So let's waste away the days instead
We'll never get the chance to be ok

Tell me anything, please just anything
Kill me with the words that oh so gently make me feel at home
Watch me carefully singing baby we can't go wrong
Until my lungs give out and we crumble from within

then just repeat the chorus twice.
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