Sister Hazel - Take A Bow Acoustic chords

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E5: xx2x00
A* = Asus4add9: xx0200
C: 332010
D/F#: 200232
G: 320033
Em: 022000

Capo on 6th fret

[Intro E5 4x]
E5                                    A*
Take your reasons and your conscience too, 
Save your stories for somebody new, [E5 A*]
I know your one in a million but that ain't enough for me, [E5 A*]
C       D              C                 D   (cut off quickly)        
How was I supposed to know it was all a show. 

G             D             (downstroke the G on first strum)
So baby take a bow,
 Em            C
Smile for the crowd,
              G                  D
I'm already over your crying shoulder, 
So you go your way 
D                 E5 (first time)
and I'll do the same. 

same chords for the rest of the verses.
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