Sister - Would You Love A Creature chords

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Sister - Would You Love A Creature (

A simple and great song from their album "Hated", hope you enjoy it! 

Standard Tuning

Bm G D A x3
Bm G D A A x1

Verse 1:

Bm          G
long legged guitar picking
D          A  
hypnotized alcoholized
Bm           G          D   A
storytelling heartbroken man
Bm            G
living in the ruins of a dream
D                   A   
broken dreams never feel the rain
Bm               G 
running river of desperation
D              A
in my heart no consolation

Bm G D A x2

Verse 2:

Bm                         G  
memories and belives means nothing more to 0me
       D                 A
than a ball and a chain inside of my brain
Bm                   G
holding me back from living a life
  D                     A            A
i just can't stretch my wings to fly

            Bm                     G
i am what i am nothing more than a man
nothing heavenly within my command
          Bm                    G        A 
with everything to lose I reach out to you
                                 Bm G D A
would you love a creature like me

Bm G D A A x1

Verse 3:

Bm                        G
i thought i'd trapped the wind
                 D                 A
in my pocket but then she flew away
Bm                      G
i thought that i had an eagles eye
    D                 A
but now it starts to fade
Bm               G
would you kiss a monsters cheek would you
D               A
hold a monsters hand
Bm               G
would you look into my eyes
    D                  A
and say that you understand


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