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Sisters By Mistake - Backstab tab

Sisters by Mistake - Backstab
Submitted by Mikhailo

Intro: C4 Cm Dm

    Gm		   Em	
1. It's not always a knife that makes you bleed
Dm		  Am
it can be words, looks and deeds
Cm		   Gm
they can make your wounds much deeper
Fm		Dm
waking up the heaviest sleeper

          Fm		     G#m	
Refr: Ripping your heart into little pieces
Gm			   Em	
friends loosing hound dogs from the leashes
Cm		   Gm
haunting the mind, carving the soul
Fm		        Dm
for them your suffrage is a goal

(Kitarrisoolo, salmi akordidega)


2. Cannot forget what they did, I cannot rest
why was it the friend that you counted the best
wearing a mask that has a smile
but in his mind only thoughts of crime


E             E7/F#        E7/G
Outro: Filled with questions, seeking replies
      Gm                   C7
but all we hear are simple lies
Trust someone - never. 
(Running and hiding forever)
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