Sj - I Like You chords

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"I Like You"

By S.J.

Tabbed by Keith Wagner

Capo 5

Very nice, simple song.  The only down strumming is on the palm mute. Then it's all up 
strums from there.  It's easier to play the Am with a capo 5, but you can play with all 
barre chords if you want.

Guitar 1
Chord Progression w/capo 5
G - Bm - Am - Cm

G    -355433
Bm - 224432
Am - 002210
Cm - 335543

Guitar 2 solos throughout

Verse 1
G                                                          Bm
I like the way you look at me ev-er-y time .... You first come into my mind
Am                                             Cm
I like the way you fit per-fect-ly .....  On my siiiiiddee......

I like the way you hold my hand..... And bury your head in my chest
Every time you're tired........Every time you want to rest

I like the way your face looks when you sleep..... I like your legs crossed over me
I like how you always want me to win..... I like how you touch my skin

I like you .....  Yoouuuuu-oooo
Oh I like you
How else - do - I - tell you

Verse 2
I like the way you always ask for another song, and how we always get along
I like how you dress for me....  I wish you could see what I see
I like how you're slow to get into the pool..... Oh I like to hold you when you do
I like the way you smile at me..... I wish the whole world could see.....

Chorus 2
               G                Bm
....I like you......  Yoouuuu  oooo
Oh I like you
How else - can - I - tell you


Chorus x 2

Verse 3

I like the way you walk into a room...... I like how people look at you
Like you in your ski clothes and warm hat.... Like how you talk in your ac-cent
I like the way you daaance with me....   I like how you like fam-ily
I like how you inspire me.....  I like you so much can't you seeeeee.....

(Fade out). Can't you see...... Can't you see.... Can't you see -  I like you ....  
Can't you seeeee
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