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Skillet - Forgiven chords

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Hi, here are the chords for Forgiven by Skillet from the album Awake (2009). Good luck!

Am-Em-F5-C-B5 (x2)

Am              Em
Forgive me now 'cause I 
F5               C  B5   Am
Have been unfaithful
                         Em                           F5      C B5
Don't ask me why, 'cause I don't know
Am          Em      
So many times I've tried
F5               C  B5
But was unable
Am                  Em                    F5
This heart belongs to you alone

               C                  G
Now I'm in a secret place
   Am                      F
Alone in your embrace
            C                                G
Where all my wrongs have been erased
Am           F
You have forgiven 
C                     G
All the promises and lies
Am                    F
All the times I compromise
C                            G
All the times you were denied
Am                F
You have forgiven

Forgive me I'm ashamed
I've loved another
I can't explain 'cause I don't know
No one can take your place 
And there is no other
Forever yours and yours alone

Dm              F
I get down on my knees
C                                          B
Feel your love wash over me
Dm                       F
There will never be another
C                                         B
You're the only one forever
C             F              Am         G
And you know I'm yours alone


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