Skip Ewing - Coast Of Colorado chords

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Coast Of Colorado
Skip Ewing


D  G  Asus7 – A7

Verse 1:

D                             G
I know leavin’ me is killin’ you
D                              G         D/F#
But I know it’s somethin’ you have to do
Em          A7    Bm            G    D/F#
Remember I said, I’d always be there
Em                    A7                      D
I still feel the same,   I ain’t goin’ anywhere


          G             A7                     D
‘Til the 31st of April,    ‘til it snows here in July
                     G     D/F#   Em           A7        Bm
‘Til the seas take California,       and wash upon the great divide
          G               Asus-A                Bm
And even when that happens,      if you’re not back, I know
G     D/F#     Em                A7                       D  G  A7
I’ll still be     waitin’ for you   on the coast of Colorado

Verse 2:

D                                G
I can’t say goodbye to you for good
D                             G   D/F#
And I know you’d stay if you could
Em               A7              Bm                 G  D/F#
There must be a part of you that you still need to find
Em                     A7                        D
I’ll be waitin’ for you, if you ever change your mind



           Em         A7                   D      G  A7  D
Still be waitin’for you  on the coast of Colorado
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