Skip Spence - War In Peace chords

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A        Ab        G        Gb     F    E
It's a joy to know you're resting in peace

A          G             A
War in peace, what a funny combination

G            A 
Will come to separation

G        E
Since you believe

A         Ab        G               Gb        F     E
Good old spice it's nice to see you last, you're ahead

A             G
War in peace, what a funny combination

A              G
Will come to your coronation

A     G   E
This is clear

(Over the solo, play these chords)      A   G  Gb
                                        A G C D G Gb (<--Be fast for these!)
                                        A G Gb F E
                                        A G C D
                                        A G C D
                                        A C D Gb F E

A      Ab        G       Gb    F        E
It's a joy to see you in your red risen dead

                    Skip Spence's "War in Peace" from "Oar"

A           G               A   
Risen dead will cross another generation

G              A
And the cosmic federation

Sees you clear

(Then Skip plays Sunshine of Your Love in E)

Thanks for reading!This was my first tab, so please be kind!
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