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Skrewdriver - Ocean Of Warriors tab

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As I look over yonder
What do I see
I see the masses growing
Like a raging sea
Men and women of valour
Willing to die to reach Valhalla
What do I see up over there
Today's stormtroopers ready for the dare
F                C                       G
All I see in the distance is an ocean of warriors
F                C                     G
Marching forward to battle an ocean of warriors

Ready to kill, with their fists of steel, ready to fight to cure, our nation's ills
White resistance has risen, free from the bonds of this emotional prison, we fight for 
and not for hate, to banish these cowards to the traitors gate


Spirits are high standards they fly, ordinate files, marching so proud mile after mile
Corps of comapnies, they all know when its time to bleed, that they have done their very 
for our nations needs.


- E10
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