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Skrewdriver - Nigger I Hate Your Face tab

this may not be all of the song, im doin this by memory, but its the main, and i 
am aware its not skrewdriver, but id like to keep the skrewdriver archive goin. here it goes.

Standard Tuning

Pa. = pause 

Intro/ pretty much all of the song
			PM            Pa. 
    |--------------------------| |-||-||-|-|
G|---------------------------------------------------------|  xhowever
D|---2-(x8)-6-(x8)-4-(x8)-7-(x8)--7--6--4-2----------------|   many times
A|---2-(x8)-6-(x8)-4-(x8)-7-(x8)--7--6--4-2----------------|   played.

Thats all ive really figured out, ive tabbed out some other WS tabs but dont feel 
like listing them, Thank you for your time, Sieg Heil!!! WPWW
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