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Skyclad - Anotherdrinkingsong tab

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Skyclad - Anotherdrinkingsong by gwyder.

intro: Gm.

Where they sit around
                C            F
And get a round in while the getting's good
Gm                    B         F        Gm
They'll make the most until the money's gone
                                    C                     F
They're coming out to celebrate, to sing and dance and to escape
Gm                   B         F     Gm
A crazy world where everything seems wrong
C                         B                      F
Drinking to forget and to remember all the glory days
C                                    F
The days we stood apart and we stood strong
Though the beer befuddles sense
C                     F
It can't provide them recompense
Gm              B      F       Gm    
They settle for anotherdrinkingsong

Gm, B, B, F, Gm, B, F, F.
Gm, B, D, C, D, C, Gm, Gm.

Where the 'busy man finds recreation'
the 'idle man finds business'
The 'melancholy man finds sanctuary'
The 'stranger may have welcome'
and still within these self-same walls
The 'citizen may find some courtesy'
From 'rose and crown' to 'cock and bull'
all history is written there
To folklore, myth and legend we belong
Come Masons, Plumbers Carpenters,
Come Cricketers and huntsmen
All join in anotherdrinkingsong

Solo 1:

Gm, B, C, F.
Gm, B, F.
Gm, B, C, F.
Gm, B, F, Gm.


Gm, Gm, F, Gm, F, Gm B, F.
C, C, B, C, B, F, B, Gm, F.

Solo 2:

D#, B, F.
D#, C.
Gm, B, F, C, B, F.
Gm, B, F, Gm.

Well you can keep your 'long-hours culture'
your lusting for adventure
There's life aplenty down 'The tap 'n' Spile'
Forget youroccupation down 'The Salutation'
This tragi-comedy will make you smile
From quaint barstoll philosophy to subtle innuendo
It's funny how the tribes all get along
Curse abstinence and temperance, come celebrate insouciance
And join us in anotherdrinkingsong
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