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Skydiggers - Slow Burning Fire tab

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Date: Thu, 22 Jan 1998 15:35:56 -0800 (PST)
From: rhonda crawford 
Subject: CRD:s/skydiggers/slow_burning_fire.crd

Slow Burning Fire
The Skydiggers
album: Restless

transcribed by Kevin Cumming

So this is my first addition to the olga archives so it may not be
that good but here goes.
A great Diggers song that everone seems to know the words to.

My shoulder still burns

Where you touched me last night
You hugged me and walked out the door
We've been pretending

That we're only friends
    D				  G
But tonight we can feel something more

Chorus: Just being around you
	Is making me warm
	One touch and I know that I'll
	Melt in your arms
	There's no way to stop
	This burning desire
	Cause there's nothing as hot as a
	D	     G
	Slow burning fire

You look in my eyes
Just a little too long
Before I can look away
But lately I've caught you
Staring at me
With a new kind of look on your face




So that's that, fairly simple like most Skydiggers songs. If you
want to know the solo, drop a line and I'll see if I can write up
the tab for you.

G	320033
C	x32010
D	xx0232
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