Skyway Flyer - Beneath Your Scar tab

Skyway Flyer- Beneath Your Scar
I'm not real sure about the prechorus and the chorus but the rest is pretty much right.
Also, he uses the barre form of Aminor in the verse and bridge, but in the chorus he
uses a regular Am. I chose to write Amin to be the barre form, and Am to be regular 
form. Hope this helps!

F     G     Amin

E -----------------------------------------------|
B -7/9--9--9--9/11--11--11--11/12--12--13--15----|
G -----------------------------------------------|
D -----------------------------------------------|
A -----------------------------------------------|
E -----------------------------------------------|

F     Am     G/C

E ------3-----------------------------------------------------|
B -3/5----3--1--3--5--6--5--3--1----1--3/5--5--3--1--3--------|
G --------------------------------2---------------------------|
D ------------------------------------------------------------|
A ------------------------------------------------------------|
E ------------------------------------------------------------|

E ------3----------------------------------------------------|
B -3/5----3--1--3--5--6--5--3--1-------1--3/5---6--3--1--1---|
G ---------------------------------2p0-----------------------|
D -----------------------------------------------------------|
A -----------------------------------------------------------|
E -----------------------------------------------------------|

F     Amin     Gm     G     F     Amin     F     Gm

Chords used:
F      133211
G      355433
Am     002210
G/C    320013
Amin   577555
Gm     355333

Skyway Flyer is signed to DFTBA Records!/artist/23/Skyway-Flyer
Music of Skyway Flyer can be found
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