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Slade - Wonderin Y chords

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       C                G
     Here I am in the same old clothes,
     Lookin' back on my life,
     Cos I'm left alone, 
      Fm              C
     Left out here without a home.

     Take no chance read between the lines,
     Don't accept her way,
     when she always cries,
     Just read between the lines.

     C                   Dm
     I tried to love you now I'm here
      Fm                 C
     Takin' things as I find them,
     Dm              Fm
     Now I'm here, wastin' time,
                C                Dm                    Fm              
     Thinkin of me, Lookin' back on my life, Wonderin' why.

     C                         G
     It's hard to see and to understand,
     Just-a what it's like,
     To be pushed around,
      Fm              C
     Kickin' stones along the ground.

     C                      G
     I don't think it will ever change,
     Can I find my way
     To the front again,
          Fm            C
     And have another chance to spend,
     My life with you and now I'm here
     taking things as i find them
     now I'm here wasting time
     thinking of me
                  Dm                    Fm   C
     looking back on my life wondering why

posting the best in power pop!!
Jimmy Curtis
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