Slaid Cleaves - Wishbone chords

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A]                   [D]
Day after day after trying to understand
        [E]                                     [D]              [A]
Why the world tries to grind you down, make a ghost out of a man
     [A]                               [D] 
Your date of grace is due and you've pawned everything you own
  [E]                                               [D]                 [A]ss
I guess some dreams just don't come true, nothin' left but skin and wishbones ||

Each year the world gets lonelier and uglier with sin
You'll never see those blue skies through young eyes again
You've prayed to every god you've known just to wind up all alone
Your friends are gone, your mama's dead, nothin' left but skin and wishbones 

[A]                    [D]
Spin the bottle cap, throw a shot back
[E]                  [A]
Everything's gonna be all right
[A]                    [D] 
Spin the bottle cap, throw a shot back
[E]              [A]
Cough and cry, Lay down and die 
Grab an end, hold on tight
            [G]            [D]
Bottles and bones in the night
             [G]       [D]
You'll never go back home
You old wishbone 

Guitar Solo

Fiddle Solo

Can't eat can't sleep can't think not knowing where to go
This is real life brother, this ain't no reality show
If suffering is human well I guess we're not alone
You'll survive on next to nothing but you won't live on skin and wishbones 


Repeat 2nd half of chorus
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