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Sleeping At Last - Watermark chords

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Watermark - Sleeping at Last

Note: The timing of the riff on the verse is approximate(it's basically
going the whole time). When it gets to the non-riff part I think the words
are lined up pretty much exactly. The F/Dm is the only really unusual chord.
 Once you learn that chord. Then there are different hammer on(variations
for the riff if you are copying the piano), either during the C. Gorgeous
song. Enjoy

Unusual Chord



Intro (riff)


   C              F/Dm              C             (Sometimes a hammer on on the C)


Capo 6

C        F/Dm      C        F/Dm

You were carved out of the sea
C        F/Dm      C        F/Dm
Watermarked by your ancestry
C        F/Dm      C        F/Dm
In a tug of war between the tide and me
C        F/Dm      C        F/Dm
What felt like loss was a victory
               F                 G               C        F/Dm
Cause you were swept ashore like bottles holding prayers

C        F/Dm                    C        F/Dm
You were carved out of the earth
C        F/Dm                  C        F/Dm
Safe and sound in your second birth
C        F/Dm             C        F/Dm
Gravity has tied your ankle to the shore
C        F/Dm             C        F/Dm
As a lighthouse tamed the endless ocean war

F                   G         Em                       Am7
Against the calming light our silhouettes are changing shape
F                       G                  C
The stories you've been told have made you brave

C        F/Dm                    C        F/Dm
Such inheritance was formed within the sand

C        F/Dm                    C        F/Dm
Like the shells you gather in the safety of your hands

F                      G              Em                    F
Dive in with your eyes closed For the life you were born to claim
        G                              Am7         F
And the water will be paralyzed By the courage you contain
        G                                     Am7             F
And the flutter of your earnest heart It will fill the silent seas
     G          G7           (riff) C        F/Dm
And all will be restored in your memory
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