Slim Cessnas Auto Club - United Brethren chords

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Intro) G-D-C-G-D
(G)                           (D)                                 
My people always been United Brethren 
(C)                         (G)--(D)
Cessnas always does as told
(G)                  (D)                                        
My great grandfather was my people always was
(C)                  (G)--(D)
United Brethren of old
(G)                   (D)                   (C)                  (G)--(D)
My Great Grandfather, he built the steeple, for all the people to see
(G)                    (D)                        
And all the people with Faith in Colorado 
(C)                   (G)--(D)
United Brethren will be
              (Am)             (C)       (G)               (D)              
and they sang “Lord Have mercy upon us, Jesus have mercy on me.
Am                (C)                 (G)                   (D)       
Jesus have mercy, on our congregation United Brethren we'll be.

Ooooooooh, ooooooooooooooooooh. 
(G)              (D)                             
My people never was united Methodist.
(C)                    (G)—(D)
Sugarbeets we always grow
(G)                     (D)                           (C)      
But when it didn't rain no more my people forsake the lord,
to Methodist is where they'd go
(G)              (D)
My great father. Watched all his people go
(C)                          (G)--(D)
he stood inside his church alone
(G)                        (D)                    
the Lord's mysterious ways  it rained for 40 days 
(C)                               (G)-(D)
my God those sugar beets have grown
             Am                C      G                     D
and he sang: Lord have mercy upon us, Jesus have mercy on me. 
Am                       C                                
Jesus have mercy on my Congregation
G                     D
 United Brethren just me
Yodel yo.....

(repeat slower) on Alternative Tentacles Records
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