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Slint - Kings Approach tab

Band   : Slint
Song   : King's Approach
Tuning : Standard

the intro is made up of these 2 bits played one after another, it's along these lines.

e|-----------------|     |----------------------|
B|-----------------|     |--9~--9~--9-9~--9~--9-|
G|-0-3-2-0-3-2-0-3-| x4  |-7---7---7-7---7---7--| x4
D|-----------------|     |----------------------|
A|-----------------|     |----------------------|
E|-----------------|     |----------------------|

This is the middle part of the song, this i know is correct.

    .. .. . . .. .. .. .. .. ..

the ending i don't know, people need to add to this as they figure it out.
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