Sloan - People Of The Sky chords

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Standard tuning

I believe the chord progression is as follows:

I once knew a pair
That used to fit very tight
But now a man's standing tall
In the wake of this night


C          D
Ba ba bada ba
His eyes are watering in anger at the thought of her sight
C         D
Ba ba bada ba
        A                                        A riff
The scene of adultery sets the stage for his plight

From there the song kicks into full electric mode and on the last part of the bridge 
it's held on A with this little diddy.

e ---------------------|
b ---------------------|
g ---------------------|
d ---------------------|
a -2s4--5---4---5p4----|
E ----5-------5-----5--|

On an innocent trip
How can one ruin so much
A belief in a soul
In a beauty or in a touch?
Ba ba bada ba
It's like a three-legged dog In search of a crutch
Ba ba bada ba
Dissecting in past
All the motives of such

She once loved this person in a trial
Out of sight
Disposing of the present situation
It felt right
Ba ba bada ba
Two winters and summers Passed over like a sound
Ba ba bada ba
And now the two of them are lost in a screaming battleground

With support all around him
Like a fence or a drink
He realizes in sadness
That now he must begin to think
Ba ba bada ba
To filter his energy upon losses and fame
Ba ba bada ba
She'll think of the restful the peaceful or the gain

His sister's a friend
She's like a relative to both
Obliged to her brother
Under silhouetted oath
Ba ba bada ba
But she's there for the two with her bias undone
Ba ba bada ba
And she'll help see it through under moonlight or sun

But today they've still yet
To look each other in the eye
And in a second, he manages to dip
To the other side
Ba ba bada ba
Up to the people of the sky
Ba ba bada ba
And now he'll never die

Outro C - D - A

lyrics courtesy Metro Lyrics

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