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Slowdive - Visions Of La tab

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From: jeffnmoe@MCS.COM (jeffnmoe)

		'Visions of La' - Slowdive
                 from the album 'Pygmalion'

 (sure its simple, but with a voice like Rachels the wise guitar
  player stays out of the way)

          the following is played during each verse

      Dm          Am           Am          Dm    Dm

        these chords are played as the song fades out

                 F      C      F      C

        **********  lyrics **********

  (intro - play verse progression twice)

  sits down by the fire  ease his worried mind

  if only i could try    reach the light inside

  (play verse progression twice)

  feels so hard to say   chase his fears away

  know that i won't try  catch his dreams today

  (play fadeout chords)

  ....questions, comments to
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