Small Faces - My Minds Eye chords

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My Mind's Eye:Small Faces.
#4 in 1966.
            (Capo 2nd fret.)

G                D                   Em
I sit here every day, lookin' at the sky,
              D                       C
ever wondrin' why, I dream my dreams away.
                     D          D7    G   D
And I'm livin' for my minds eye.

G                         D                    Em
Things are clearer than before, showing me the way,
asking me to stay.
                     C                             D
I'll never close the door to all these things, and more,
   D7       G    G7
in my minds eye.

Em   D      Em             G        Em   D
Everybody I know says I've changed. Yeah!
Em         D          Em       G             D      C D
Laughing behind their hands, I think they're strange.

G                   D                         Em
People runnin' everywhere, runnin' through my life.
                  D                          C
I couldn't give a damn because they'll never see,
               D         D7       G   D
all that I can see, with my minds eye.

G         D             Em                D         C
A hahahahaha, A hahahahaha, A hahahahaha, A hahahahaha,

          D         D7  G    D
A hahahahaha, A my mind's eye.(x3) (Fade.)

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.

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