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Small Town Saturday Night - Someday Came Today chords

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Someday I will find
My ticket outta here
C                  G
Wake up one morniní
And just start packiní
Yea-Iíll make up my mind
And Iíll lay down my fear
Stop waitiní for the next bad thing to happen
Iím ready for the rainbow to begin
I just got through a storm of tears
I thought would never end

Bm                    G                           D        A
Someday was a dream that always seemed to turn out wrong
Bm               G                 A
But now itís not so far away
Puttiní off tomorrow
D       A              G    
Is 24 hours too long
C                G                     D
I guess my someday came today

Maybe Iíll take a train
To a place Iíve never been
Or I could watch the sun fall into the ocean
I finally feel alive
Throw my heart into overdrive
Get up and get this life in motion
Iíll do everything Iím meant to do
Cause Iím past the pain and sorrow that kept it all from cominí true
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