Smash Mouth - Right Side Wrong Bed chords

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hey guys, i noticed nobody had the chords up anywhere on the internet so i just 
figured them out. nice song.

Intro - G, C, A, C

The pages of the calendar
     C                   A       C
Are flyin' off faster as I get old
And if I had a second take
     C                             A
I'd wanna make the same mistakes
Except for the clothes

D                                    C
And the part about the one that got away
When I was blind I fell behind
And here I've gotta stay

        G           A
And I'm lying here wonderin'
       C               (C but leave the B string open)
Is it finally sinkin' in
       G               A
To my weary heart, my foolish pride
        C           (C but leave the B string open)
And my stubborn head

                 G          C                 G           C
I woke up on the right side, I woke up on the right side
        G         C             G (back to intro chords)
On the right side of the wrong bed

The same pattern repeats for the whole song, enjoy :)
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