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Smashing Pumpkins - Cherry tab

Artist: The Smashing Pumpkins
Song: "Cherry"
Album: The "1979" single from "The Aeroplane Flies High" Box Set.
Written and Composed by: Billy Corgan
Tabbed by: Me....Pumpkinhead15

Tuning: Down 1/2 Step from standard
Medium-paced tempo

Try and play it as smoothly as possible and slide from every set of power
chords.  There's a warbly effect in the background of the whole song.

Riff 1-Guitar 1(Clean, mellow tones) 
e|----------------------------(play 8 times...then singing kicks in)

1st Verse (repeat Riff 1 eight more times)
Stay with me, I'll set you free
Cause I can tell you once were pretty
Rose so sad you've lost your petals
And lost the luster of your tattle tales

Pre-chorus (repeat Riff 1 five more times)(Second guitar with some notes I can't
figure out because they're very quiet and a little warbly...)
I need a love to help me find my way
I need a strength that I cannot betray
I need a word to say what I can't say
I need a lover...lover..lover...lover....

Riff 2-(I made this part up because I'm not sounds close, though.)
Guitar 1 (play this 4 times at Chorus)

Guitar 2 (maybe some distortion,but very little...
            play this 4 1/2 times at Chorus..)
e|--------------------------------    |
B|--------------------------------    |     The half...
G|--------------------------------    |
D|--------------------------------    |           (let last chord ring)
A|12---12---12-12---7--7---5---5-5    |    12---12---12-12---7
E|10---10---10-10-0-5--5-0-3---3-3    |    10---10---10-10-0-5
1st Chorus 
What are we waiting for?
What are we waiting for?
Time has lost its hold on me...

Play Riff 1 twice...then the singing kicks in.

2nd Verse (repeat Riff 1 eight times)
Hatred sleeps inside my bones
In the stillness of cool air
All the boys have been left for dead 
Cause we go where they fear to tread
The beautiful ones the ones will remember
The precious ones our greatest pretenders

Pre-chorus (repeat Riff 1 five times)

2nd Chorus (Riff 2)
And if you lose yourself
Could you take me too?
Could you rest inside the sleep?

Riff 3

Play Riff 3 twice.

Outro (Sung in rounds starting at "you" then "I'll")
(Riff 3 about four or five times)
Stay with me I'll set you free from you.
Stay with me I'll set you free from you.
Stay with me I'll set you free from you....

and it fades out...or maybe you could just play 

A|---------9 and let the last chord ring.
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