Smashing Pumpkins - Zero drum

OcToLoGy SuCkS!!!

I couldn't get all of this song, but I tried to get what I could.  The
reason I couldn't get all of this song was because that when you listen to
it, you can just BARELY hear the drums.  Kris said that they did something
like 70 guitar overdubs on it.

SD=Snare Drum
BD=Bass Drum
Rd=Ride Cymbal
MT=Mid Tom

Rd: 1n1n 2n2n 3n3n 4n4n
SD: nn1n nn2n nn3n nn4n
BD: 11n1 22n2 33n3 44n4

And the part where he says "Emptiness is lonliness....." goes:

MT: 111n}			   MT: 11nn
SD: 111n} Repeat 2x, then play:	   SD: 11nn
BD: 111n}			   BD: 11nn

There's one other part too, and many, many fills that you can just barely
hear.  Good luck!'ll need it.
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