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Smiley Kids - Love Your Enemies tab

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I'm from EL SALVADOR and this is mi first song 

You look me in the eye just as you stabbed me in the back 
   B                          F#                     
and i was so angry so scared

you humiliated me and smashed my pride down to the ground
   B                              F#
and i'm so thankfull so lucky

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    //Love your      enemies
B B           F#F#
even thought they hate your guts ya.
     I love my     enemies
B B            F#F#
evn thought they make me cry// 
love your enemies

you hit me on the cheek so i turned the other one 
 B                            F#
and you split on me

you spread these rumors about me and say bads thinks behind me 
  B                          #
and i so happy i'm still smiling

Again the chorus
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