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Snow Patrol - Set Down Your Glass tab

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Artist: Snow Patrol
Song: Set Down Your Glass
Album: A Hundred Million Suns

Capo 2

Cadd4:    x33010
Fmaj7:    133210
G6add4:   320010

Intro: C
D|------3-----3-----3-----3----|  x4

 Just close your eyes,         and count to five
Fmaj7  G6add4    Am   G6add4   Fmaj7  G6add4  C
 Let's craft the only thing we know into surprise

 Set down your glass, I painted this
Fmaj7  G6       Am      G6    Fmaj7 G6       C
   To look like you and me forever  as we're now

         Fmaj7               G6add4
 And I'm shaking and I'm still
             Am                     G6add4
 When you're eyes meet mine all the simple skills
         Fmaj7          Gadd4    C
 Like to tell you all I want, is now

 You say I'm cold, I'm just not the same
Fmaj7 G6add4 Am   G6add4   Fmaj7  G6add4     C
 As I was a  year ago, and each minute since then

 My          , as we take it off
Fmaj7 G6add4   Am      G6add4  Fmaj7     G6add4   C
  You say your sold me good as new and I know you will

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