Snow Patrol - Jj chords

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Artist: Snow Patrol
Song: Jj
Album: Songs for Polar Bears 
Tabbed By: TCA004

This song is a b-side off the limited edition of Snow Patrol's first album "Songs 
for Polar Bears." If you listen you should be able to hear where the chord changes 
are. It's a very clever song, enjoy.

Chords Used
Dmaj9 (minus the route note) ----- xxx225
Dmaj7 (minus the route note) ----- xxx222
G2                           ----- xxx005
Gmaj9                        ----- xxx002
Cmaj9                        ----- x32430
Fmaj7                        ----- xx3210
Fmaj9                        ----- xx3213      


Dmaj9, Dmaj7, G2, Gmaj9, Cmaj9, Fmaj7 (hammer onto) Fmaj9 x2
Dmaj9 Dmaj7           G2  Gmaj9             Cmaj9
          I'm waiting          for something new
        Fmaj7    Fmaj9                        Dmaj9 Dmaj7
The rain               washes my thoughts away
            G2 Gmaj9               Cmaj9
I'm longing        to sing this song
            Fmaj7 Fmaj9           Dmaj9 Dmaj7
To show you            to hold you
            G2 Gmaj9           Cmaj9       
I'm nervous            so excited
                 Fmaj7 Fmaj9               Dmaj9 Dmaj7 G2 Gmaj9
You make me feel         feel I'm not alone
     It's you
Fmaj7 Fmaj9        Dmaj9 Dmaj7 G2 Gmaj9 Cmaj9 Fmaj7 Fmaj9*
           Just you

End on Fmaj7

*On this chord, as you change from Fmaj7 release your finger from the b string so 
it is left open, as this is how it sounds in the song.

Nb: The reason the lyrics and chords are staggered is so it is clear where the 
chord changes are in relation to the lyrics, hopefully this makes sense and also 
makes it easier to follow :) 
Also, on the Cmaj9 chord, you can hammer on the 3rd fret on the top E string which 
also sounds good :)
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