Snow Patrol - Talk To The Trees tab

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Talk To The Trees (Chords)
by Snow Patrol (off the album "When It's All Over We Still Have To Clear Up
Bonus Tracks]", 2006)

I think this song is also featured on the "Ask me how I am" single release. Please
forgive me for the last two lines of lyrics, they're not completely accurate but...
you get the general idea. I looked ALL OVER for the lyrics, on every major Snow Patrol
fansite and the official website and forums, but I can't find them.

If anyone can correct the last two lines for me then thanks! <3 Here it is.
(I'm not gonna work out what the mumbling says)


Chords used:

G 	(320003)
F 	(133211)
Dsus4	(xx0233)


Intro (x2):

G   F
G   Dsus4   F


G                                     F
  I talk to the trees that's why they take me away

G                              Dsus4                 F
  I married the game so no-one really sees what it's done to me

G                             F
  A little obsessed by all my childhood plans

G                      Dsus4             F
  Somebody elses games [?] had seen were running riot

Solo/Break (x2):
G   F
G   Dsus4   F
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