Snow Phoebe - Either Or Both chords

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Either or Both - Phoebe Snow     capo 1

from Phoebe Snow's eponymous first LP (1974)

intro:  / E / E / A / A / D / E / A / A /

A                E            F#7
Sometimes these hands get so clumsy
        G7                     A
That I drop things and people laugh
E                              A
Sometimes these hands seem so graceful
       D         E           A
I can see them signin' autographs

A               E
What I want to know from you
Bm        F#7     E
When you hear my plea
        C#m7    Bm7
Do you like or love
C#m7      Bm7     A   D   D7
Either or both of me
        C#m7    Bm7
Do you like or love
C#m7      Bm7     A   D
Either or both of me

Sometimes this face looks so funny
That I hide it behind a book
But sometimes this face has so much class
That I have to sneak a second look


Sometimes this life gets so empty
That I become afraid
Then I remember you're in it
And I think I might still have it made


tabbed by Rick in Baltimore MD  USA
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