Snubnose - I Feel Exhausted chords

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Nicht sehr genau, aber zum Spielen (ggf. schrubben ^^) und Singen sollte es reichen. 
sich jemand Geübtes die Mühe machen würde, eine Korrektur zu schreiben, wäre ich natürlich 
Praise the Lord!

I feel exhausted - Snubnose


D          C            G              A
I feel exhausted and i need some recreation
D        C           G              A
I am so tired i can hardly stand today
D           C             G           A
I have to come to rest i need a sanctuary
D           C               G            A
Where I can be alone with you my loving GOD


G  A                D                        (A)
We do not have to worry about tomorrow
G        A          h  (?h)      (A)
Not to worry ґbout today
G     A                D                         (A)
You promised that you will always be with us
G        A         D A  G
You will be with me
(A)          D  A G     (A)
Will be with me

And when i think about the stress I'l have tomorrow
It deadens me, my courage and my confidence
I need your mighty strength my heavenly creator
To cast aside my fear and my anxiety



F           G
No matter what will come
F           G
No matter what will be
F            G                 A
I know that you are there for me

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Chords: D    C    G    A
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