Social Distortion - Far Side Of Nowhere chords

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Social Distortion 
Far Side of Nowhere - Hard Times & Nursery Rhymes

Standard Tuning


D A G D  Em

D      A   G	    D		      A		G	D
I wake up, drink my coffee, put on my pants and comb my hair-

D	    A	 G	     D			 A	      G	     D
Today's the day, I ain't got nothing. I aint got nothin', not even a care-

D	   A	G 	     D	
The Sun is out, it's shining bright. 

D	      A		      G		D
The birds are singin' and the sky's are blue-

D	 A     G	 D			 A	Em	A
My motor runs, a lover's heartbeat...  It's just me and you-


	D	A      G      D		  A	   G     D
	Put the pedal to the metal, baby turn the radio on-

	D      A	  G	      D
	We can run to the far side of nowhere;

	D      A	    G	      D
	We can run 'til our days have gone-

D	 A   G		   D	  D  A	       G	     D		
And ignorance, they say is bliss, so today I'm king of these hills-

D	    A	   G	    D	      		 A    Em       A
We're gonna drive, drive to nowhere.  Aint gonna stop until... WE!

[Repeat Chorus]


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