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Sodastream - Firelines tab

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Sodastream: Reservations (2006): Firelines

Essentially arpeggios (up and down)
with little to do with the top string.
The C9 tangent amounts to this,
above the normal picking:

Intro: Instrumental Verse

it's eight in the morning
    Em                       Am
I'm reading the lines on the pavement
F                      Em
I don't know where the hell
last night has gone
F                Em
you came here to listen
        C9                  Am
but you took me straight to hell
F           Em               C
buried me behind the wishing well

Dm                     Am
    could've been the firelines
Dm                Am
the fact that I'm scared
F                 Em
could've been the weight outside
     C9           Am
that caught me unawares
    F                  Em
and buried me with the things
I wouldn't share
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