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Soggy Peaches - Dead-beat Boyfriend tab

Artist: Soggy Peaches
Song: Dead-Beat Boyfriend
CD: Stories Of The True American Dream Vol: 1 war and peace
Lyrics: Jon LaFollette
Music: Jon LaFollette

chord scale 

G     F     A     G#m      F#m      A#m      E        C 
e-3   e-1   e-5   e-4      e-2      e-6      e-0      e-0 
b-3   b-1   b-5   b-4      b-2      b-6      b-0      b-1 
g-4   g-2   g-6   g-5      g-3      g-7      g-1      g-0 
d-5   d-3   d-7   d-6      d-4      d-8      d-2      d-2 
a-5   a-3   a-7   a-6      a-4      a-8      a-2      a-3 
e-3   e-1   e-5   e-4      e-2      e-6      e-0      e-X 

Intro: G    F    A    G     F    A 

Verse 1 

G                    F           A              G 
Know i was just looking for some teenage loving 
G                              A 
We made out together after you called me muffin 
G   F 
You say you loved me 
So you screwed Me 
G        F 
Then you kicked me too the curb 

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G       G#m          F#m 
And Now You'll never know you're son or daughter 
A#m                                  G 
And its gonna really slaughter you inside 


E                      C 
Cause your a dead-beat boyfriend 
You have no heart 
Cause your a dead-beat boyfriend 
I guess we just grew apart 
                                 G   F   A   G   F   A
Cause Your A Dead-Beat Boyfriend 

Verse 2: 

G                  F 
Know It was only a one night stand 
Night of prom in my parents mini van 
G             F 
You pretended nothing went down 
             A                G 
And then you kicked me to the ground 

Verse 3: 

G      F 
Know i trusted you all the way 
Wake up next to you everyday 
G        F        A 
Live on the beach live by the water 

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