Solas - Far Americay chords

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Intro:  G ////   C////   G////   C////
        G ////   C////   C////   C////    C////

   G                                 C
I asked what he was thinking but he hadn't much to say

     G                            C
The revelry died down now, we'd reached the break of day

     G                                      C
God knows it's not for glory, son, we just have to make some room

        G                                        C                 C ////
Oh, my heart would surely break for you, sweet treasure of my womb

      G        D/F#    Em           Em      D       C ////
With four and twenty shillings, we sent him on his way

        G          D/F#        Em   D    C //
Now my blood runs through the mountains

    D        G////   C////   G////   C////
Of Far Americay

        G                                C
From a Rocky Mountain mine camp came a message here tonight

             G                                     C
He says the mountain gives him hope these days to break the reach of night

 G                                    C
Says to tell the young ones that he seldom sees the moon

         G                                          C                  C //
But the noise would wake the dead out there, he'll send some money soon

         G         D/F#      Em                 Em   D    C////  
There's light down in those tunnels, Oh, it's gonna' be okay

    G           D/F#        Em    D  C//
My blood slips through the mountains

   D            Am  G/B  C  D   G////    D/F#  G  Em  D////
Of Far Americay.

                Am  G/B  C  D   G////    Am  Em  C  D ////

        G                              C
From a Rocky Moutain mine camp came a letter here today

             G                                    C
He says the winds of change are blowin' a little warmer every day

         G                            C
That he fell in love with liberty, a girl we all once knew

 Em                                 Am       G/B       C ////
She comes from good people, and he said she loves him too

     G          D/F#       Em
That blood ran down those rivers

        Em    D         C ////
What a heavy price to pay

   G        D/F#     Em  D
So far now from the ocean

C  D        Em// D//  C//
In Far Americay

    D        Em// D// C///
In Far Americay

     C             C/B     Am       D        G////  C////
How young love it meanders through Far Americay

Repeat G//// and C //// many times until fade out
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