Something For Kate - The Astronaut Acoustic chords

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       The Astronaut Acoustic
Ok i know this one to be correct, I have seen Paul Dempsey play this song like this a
times now on the accoustic.So from what i have observed and figured out this is what i
figured out. you may need to listen to the song a few times to get it down pat...but it 
an easy one to play

No capo Required

    E  022100
Asus2  x02200
  F#m  244222
  G#m  466444
    A  577655
    C  x32010
    G  320033
    Am x02210
    D  xx0232


E Asus2 F#m Asus2

E             Asus2      F#m             Asus2
   either side      of a thin blue line
                   E (you get the idea)
is a collection of satellites
singing circles
singing words that don't mean anything
they keep me in orbit
and they keep me sure

G#m A
ooh, i can see you
ooh, on a clear night

high up in the window
you're an astronaut
you're amnesia
you're a joke
fingertips against the windscreen
you're on your way
but you can't look at both sides
of the coin at the same time
but you can't make up your mind

G#m A
ooh, i can hear you
on a clear night i can see you
singing circles away

C          G               Am         D
yeah, i'll blow you out of the sky
if you won't get yourself down here
(back to verse chords)
get yourself down here

G#m A
yeah, I can hear you
on a clear night I can see you
singing circles away

(I usually finish on an E chord)
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