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Something For Kate - Moving Right Along tab

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Song - Moving Right Along
Artist - Something For Kate
Album - The Official Fiction

(All the Gmaj7 chords in this song are kinda optional...)

G  Gmaj7   G  Gmaj7

G                    (Gmaj7)
Yeah what happened to you?
         C9                  Em
When you couldn't ignore the line,
         C9                 Em
That got marked across your life.
What did you do?

Did you get angry?
Em             Bm7
   Did you get scared?
Am7            Am
   No I didn't think so,
Em                            D
   You were just getting some air,
             C Em   D      G
And you were moving right along.

G                        (Gmaj7)
They're all asking about you,
    C9                   Em
How well you're going to cope,
    C9            Em
And was there any hope?
They thought they knew.

They thought you'd falter,
Em                    Bm7
   They thought you'd fail,
Am7           Am
   But I knew better, 
Em                       D
   You were just setting sail,
             C Em   D      G
And you were moving right along,
             C Em   D      G
And you were moving right along,
             C Em   D      G
Moving right along.

If you can find anything wrong with this, please email me and abuse the crap out of me,
because there's nothing I hate more than a dodgey tab.
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