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Son Volt - Bicycle Hotel tab

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Son Volt – Bicycle Hotel
Bonus track on the iTunes exclusive Deluxe Edition of “The Search”
Words and Music by Jay Farrar

Tabs by Tim Prizer (

This is one of the best songs Jay Farrar has ever written, which in my book makes in one 
the best songs ever written – period.  Somehow, it failed to make the final cut of “The Search”.


D – xx0232
D* – xx0032
G – 320033
Em – 022000

Intro: [D] [D*] [D] [D*] [D] [D*] 

[D] Stuck in a hotel in Amsterdam
It’s about sun[G]down for you
Your sleep doesn’t [Em] happen easy

[D] Choice words for the payphone that doesn’t work
You can buy ab[G]sinthe, cocaine, and heroin
[Em] But you can’t call home
[ Tab from: ]
[D] Find sleep where you can
Situations to [G] laugh about when it’s over
[Em] It’s a long way from over [D]

[D*] [D] [D*]

[D] Thinking of you around the world
Think[G]ing of you arou[Em]nd the world
[D]Thinking of you around the world
Think[G]ing of you arou[Em]nd the world

[D] [D*] [D] [D*] [D] [D*] 

[D] Holed up in the city of Hamburg
Looking for si[G]gns of Liverpool
Down around [Em] the Reeperbahn

[D] Bergen and Dublin run together
Caffeine-fueled [G] dreams
Scottish ladies [Em] on the brink

[D] You walk along the Winded-Down (??)
Unfamiliar empty [G] streets, they don’t know who you are
[Em] At least you know who you are [D]

[D*] [D] [D*]


[D] [D*] [D] [D*] [D] [D*]

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