Sonata Arctica - What Did You Do In The War Dad chords

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"What Did You Do In The War, Dad?" - Sonata Arctica


 Am                    F                    Am                   G

Am Am Am E 
Am Am Am E

Gm                          Eb
Dad, what did you do in the war?
Something to answer for?
You say too young I am to know

Gm                         Eb
Dad, I've heard you cry at night
Mournful and desperate blight
Where did you learn that song you sing

Gm D Eb Bb
Cm D Eb F
Gm D Eb Bb
Cm D Eb F

Cm               Eb
"War is in me! I was the war!
         Gm                      F
And your praying brings back the suffering
    Cm            Eb       Gm            
No, please, don't start to cry
Cm          Eb        
I only pray you'll never know
             Gm               F
The things I see every time I close my eyes
Cm     Eb         Gm F
Angels still have faces"

What did you do in the war, dad, tell me
Eb                           Bb       F
Why can't you smile when the children sing
        Gm       Eb           Bb      F
Did the wages of war cut your soaring wings
         Gm          Eb           Bb
And your soul is now torn, unlike mine
       Cm         Bb          Eb
Do you fear yesterday will in someway
Define the life of your child?

Am  Am  Am  E
Am  Am  Am  E
F#m F#m F#m C#
F#m F#m F#m C#

Gm                              Eb
Dad, I know what you did in the war
Deeds devils would abhor
Did you filfil the oath you swore?

Gm                     Eb
Dad, did you do it for me?
Their blood for my life to live
In the hollow without reprieve, without you

Cm               Eb
"War is in me! I am the war!
          Gm                   F
Don't you force me to live the nightmare again!
Cm            Eb      Gm
Please, don't make my cry
        Cm             Eb        
My son, you never ever want to know
         Gm                  F
How when guarding your sleep serene I hear
    Cm      Eb     Gm           F
The silence of the children who sang"

Gm D Eb Bb
Cm D Eb F

Gm        D        Eb           
Far and beyond the stars there's
  Bb                  Cm
A place where all the love,
        D                 Eb           F
All the goodness we could have still resides
       Gm          D             Eb   Bb
But we choose life away from the light
        Cm             D           Eb       
You can find ghosts of loss in the gaze of your
Beautiful child 
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