Sondre Lerche - Things You Call Fate chords

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Song title:       Things You Call Fate
Original Album:	  Faces Down

Words and Music by Sondre Lerche
Copyright  2002 Virgin Records Norway
Published by EMI Music Publishing Norway

Transcribed by Gavin Chart (


Guitar Figure 1

   A           Amaj7       A7         D


  I find it hard, hard to let go
  And you are entitled to know
A7                                  D
  You have brought nothing else but bliss,
Dm                             A             F#m
  A great deal of frustration,   a voluntary occupation,
Bm             Dm               A
  Driving me insane and off the wall

  And we were free to choose each other
  But now it seems like something other
A7                           D
  Have you placed me where I stand?
Dm                             A           F#m
  Turned caring like a mother,   afraid to lose each other
Bm                    Dm              Dm6
  It got us this far,    now problems are:

A           C#               D        Dm
  I have no bags to pack, no suitcase waiting in the hall
A             F#m                  F          E
  You have no make-up, no stocki - ings in my drawer
A  F#m                Bm   E                   A
Oh-oh,  how did we forge - et? How could we forget?
F#m            Bm     E                   A
  It's easy to lear - earn if you never regret


  When you live in paranoia 
  And you know she's got you, oh yeah
A7                                   D
  You can't leave until you know the truth
Dm                                   A           F#m
  So for months you're going nowhere   until you seize the day
    Bm               Dm                A
And place yourself behind the steering wheel

   Or you can't end like you don't want to,
   The opposite of what you planned to
A7                                       D
   You can watch the ships when they're abroad
Dm                                    A              F#m
   Become a joke when people see you,   'cause it's enough to please you
Bm                   Dm                 Dm6   A 
   You got this far,    step put of the car

[repeat CHORUS]

[repeat INTERLUDE]

  Dm             A


Bass figure:


  We'll never learn in the future,
  This is it, seemingly, I am sure
A7                                D   Dm
  I know we haven't been together now

  It wasn't meant to be this way so
  We'll give it days and days and
A7                          D
  We'll try to make it easy now
  Once I believed we could approach this,
A            F#m                 Bm              Dm6 - A
  Now I have faith placed in the things you call fa  - ate
       Dm              Dm6  A
In the things you call fa - ate

       Dm              A
In the things you call fate

[play out over Guitar Figure 2; repeat until fade]

Guitar Figure 2


A         x02220
Amaj7     x02120
A7        x02020
D         x00232
Dm        x00231
F#m       x44222
Bm        x24432
Dm6       x2323x
C#        x46664
F         x33211
E         022100
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