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Sondre Lerche - Nightingales chords

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Author/Artist: Sondre Lerche
Title: Nightingales
Transcribed by: Charles Podkanski

        Chords used:

         Asus2 B7    E    A   Edim A7M  Am   Am7  G7M  Fdim   

        1st verse:

Asus2         B7              E                               A
            Tell me do, something true, true of you and me
               Edim   A7M                              Am        B7
            That we're too busy living through, too busy to see.
Asus2         B7         E                            A
            What is it that we do makes us what we are
          Edim       A7M                          Am           B7
            If we sing are we nightingales, shine are we stars ?


Asus2         B7               E                 A7M   
            Who are we ? what we got ? are we a firework show ?
Am7                                        G7M       Fdim
            Growing pale like a star that burnt out years ago
Asus2                    B7                         E  
            Stranger things have been, stranger things have gone,
                         A7M                   Am7 
            I find it hard right now to name you one
                                             G7M       Fdim
            Tell me do something true and drop the fairytales.
Asus2                      B7                       E                 
            If singin' birds must sing, with no question of choice
                       A7M                      Am7 
            Then livin' is our song, indeed our voice
                                                                                G7M           Fdim
            Best agree you and me we're probably nightingales

        2nd verse:

Asus2             B7          E                             A
            God's a proud thundercloud we are cartoon cats
           Edim       A7M        Am        B7
            With a fear that is biblical under our hats

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