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Sondre Lerche - Johnny Johnny Ooh Ooh tab

Sondre Lerche - Johnny Johnny Ooh Ooh



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G               Bm7               Em
Do you have enough to fill a page? 
C           G               A7         D
Is there something I should read? 
G            Bm7              Em
Amplifiers broke the news today
C                 G       A7      D 
I was whispering the details 
when the world came in 
I've seen it before 
G                      A7
wearing shimmering clothes
Bm7                         D7 
Is the world worth its spending? 
Bm7                     D7           G
Is that world worth me defending it?
G     Bm7       Em 
How should I know?
Am                     D7                         G 
There are phones to take with numbers I don't trust 

G       Bm7   Em
John let me go! 
Am                D7                                               
I can't conjugate myself
Bm7                 E            Am           (C Am C) 
If investigation fails I'm on my way... 

When the coward sits alone again 
When you've spent your feathers up 
Making sense is made impossible 
Making you detect my aim 
And when I'm answering 
I've seen this before 
you are changing things 
In a world that is borrowed 
only fools with narrow minds can join 
How should I know? 
The calls I make have numbers I don't trust 

John let me go! 
I can't conjugate myself 
If investigation fails I'm on my own...
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