Songs Of Trees - Only Road chords

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Only Road by Songs Of Trees

Original is played in "Open C" tuning CGCGCE
but can be played in standard tuning

Open C Chords
F = 555555
G = 777777
Am= X20200
C = 000000
G7= X02021
Dm= 575755

This lonely road I take

  G        Am
Because of you

Am               F
Back to where I know

    G7      Am
And what is true

C               F
I always end up there

     G       Am
It's nothing new

    Am         F
And I will be alone again

       Dm                     G   
Please make it end

   F               G                  Am
If you should take your love away I'd make my way

C                     F
Down the road where I belong

    G7                  Am
The only road I've ever known

   F                   G               Am
If all turned sour I'd turn around and set off down

    C                F
The lonely road that takes me home

    Dm             G      
The only road I've ever known

Verse 2
Thereís nothing more to give,
Youíve got it all,
And now you turn your back,
To face the wall,
Itís easy to let go,
And watch it fall,
And I will be alone again,
Please make it end.
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