Sonic Boom Six - Meanwhile Back In The Real World tab

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As posted on the forums by a band member, straight from the horses mouth.


Em G C 
Bm G Em
Em G C

Then the riff that keeps hitting is...

Then there is the verse which is more of a riff but the chords are..

Em Am Bm C,B,G,Eb 
Em C Bm C,B,G,Eb
Em C,B,G,Bb

Pre-Chorus (Gee whizz...)
Am Then on the last beat of the bar hit Bb
Am Again, swing onto a Bb
C,C,C,C,C,C,C,C, C,B,G,Eb

Em Am Bm C,B,G,Eb
Em Am Bm C,B,G,Eb

And then the only other bit is the middle 8 (after the brass bits) which goes...
C D Am C,B,G,Eb

Then in the final chorus it has the extra wo-oh-oh...

Last Chorus
Em Am Bm C,B,G,Eb
Em Am Bm C,B,G,Eb C C,B,G,Eb Bm C,B,G,Eb

That's pretty much it. The riff in the verse should easily be learnable if you 
mess around on those chords.
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