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Sonic Youth - Tuff Knarl tab

Tuff Knarl
tabbed by mike abraham(

tuning: EAD#GA#A#

how to tune:

tune the D string up to the sixth fret of the A string
tune the B string down to the third fret of the G string
the A#'s are in unison

bear with me..... i don't think this is right cause 
it's a very hard song to figure out.
four guitars at the same time!
(i'm only trying to do one..thurston's)
i don't even think it's complete but it's a start.
this song is one of my all time favorites of sonic youth. 

repeat about twice:
A#  |-------------- 0-0-3-3-3---0---------------------|
G   |-2-2-----------------------------------------------|
A  |-------------------------------------------------|
E  |-------------------------------------------------|

he's runin' on a tuff knarl in his head....
(lee ranaldo is doing some sort of harmonics in the backround i think)
G   |-222222222222222222--------------------2--------|
A  |-000000000000000000---------------------------|
E  |-------------------------------------------------|

G   |--2-2------------2-h3-3--------------------------------|
D# |------2-------------------------------------------|
A |-------------------------------------------------|
E |-------------------------------------------------|

then basically just make SONIC noise
michael's music links said something about a certain way to do the noise.
i should ev' kept the message

i think this is the bassline that goes through the midrange sonic noise...........


Tuff Gnarl

He's running on a tuff gnarl in his head he's got a fatal
erection home in bed
He's really smart and he's really fast he's got a hard tit
killer fuck in his past
Saints perserve us in hot young stuff the saving grace is a
sonic pig pile
Amazing grazing strange and raging flies are flaring thru
yr brains
Spastic flailing literally raising my roof
An adrenal mental man-tool box explodes in music creates
You gnarl out on my nerves you weird and crush the cranking
Flesh dirt forcefield lost and found let's burn your broken
Set our sights on sights not yet set let's scorch your wavo
Let's poke your eyes out
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